Alice Springs to Darwin

Left Alice Springs to head for Devils Marbles. Weather was fine during the day but as usual, very cold here overnight (about 0 degrees). We were hoping for some warmer weather once we arrived in Devils Marbles and it did not disappoint.

Devils Marbles Sunrise - 3531
Devils Marbles camp in morning

We were lucky enough to camp next to a lovely family Stuart, Lana and their gorgeous little girls Claire and Jasmine. We spent the night around the fire and found out they are also doing the Gibb River Road. Always great to meet some new people along the way. We have been here before and are always happy with the choice to stay overnight. Sundown always presents some good photo opportunities.

Devils Marbles Evening - 3408
Devils Marbles at sundown
Devils Marbles Evening - 3438
Devils Marbles at sundown

It was a bit brisk in the morning but was still worth getting some early morning shots. Sunrise views over the boulders are amazing.

Devils Marbles Sunrise - 3496
Devils Marbles at sunrise
Devils Marbles at Sunrise - 3473
Devils Marbles at Sunrise

We were planning on heading to Longreach water hole in the morning, but found that the road in was blocked with a chain and padlock. We had read some reports of closure due to abuse by inconsiderate campers but was hoping this was just misleading information like we have heard before. Sadly this is a place we will miss.

Instead we went on to Daly Waters camping area and pub. This is a bit of an iconic spot and always worth stopping at. We had a few beers with a couple we met Murray and Wendy.

Campsite at Daly Waters (overflow)
Daly Waters Pub
Daly Waters servo

We drove on to Mataranka the next day for a couple of days at the Elsey National Park and stayed in the Jalmurark Campground. The camp ground and condition of the walking tracks appears to have deteriorated since we were here five years ago. However we spent two nights here and still enjoyed the walks and rest. Chris thought it was was a good opportunity to have a play with some night time photography.

Mataranka Night Sky - 3567
Mataranka Sunset

The walk out to Korowan (Mataranka falls) on the Roper River was long (about 4Km each way), dry and quite hot but still worth the effort. Most of the time we were in a sandy creek bed which was hard going. There were 3 creek crossings but all in all was a lovely walk. It was here we met an older couple who we started to chat to. I mentioned that things have changed here in 5 years. He replied with “you know our memories change” you know it is very true and I believe to an extent that maybe it hasn’t changed that much but the NT Park & Wildlife most definitely have some problems here.

Mataranka Falls Walk - 3614
Roper River at Mataranka
Mataranka Falls Walk - 3607
Mataranka Butterfly
Mataranka Falls Walk - 3597
Mataranka Falls on Roper river

Chris went back in the evening to get a few shots of a waterfall on one on the tributaries. It was only a couple of hundred metres from the camp.

Mataranka Falls Walk - 3622
Falls on Mataranka Walk
Mataranka Falls Walk - 3631
Falls on Mataranka Walk


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