Our set up

I thought you maybe interested in our set up. We have a Holden Colorado and tow a Kimberley Kamper. We bought both of these new in 2011. We have found this combination a really good set up for us. The only time we are not happy is when it is raining or when it is windy. Oh I can hear you now, geez you guys are fussy! But we will admit we are fine weather campers. However, when you do go away for a extended period you just have to suck it up!

During our Kimberley adventure we travelled about 10,000 kms and averaged about 12l/100km.

We have done quite a bit of work to the car to enable us to be off the grid for a considerable amount of time. In fact for the three months we were away we only stopped at three caravan parks to utilise a powered site. We also had new springs and shockers installed, plus a canopy added on. Chris built the drawer system in the back of the car which has been perfect for travelling. In fact, with the solar panels on the roof we found that this keeps the rear of the car cooler. We have been able to store all our fruit and vegetables in the drawer and they keep very cool. Although, in saying that we couldn’t do that in the Kimberleys as our temperatures were consistently over 38c everyday and nothing but a fridge was going to keep those cool.


I thought you may be interested in the set up of the car:

  • 2 x Thumper 100AH deep cycle batteries by Home of 12 volt
  • 2 x 90AH solar panels which have been attached to the Rhino roof racks on the car
  • 240 volt AC 10 amp charger
  • Solar regulator

In the camper we have the following set up

  • 4 x 32AH deep cycle batteries
  • Redarc 15A Battery Management System

All of this power allows us to run in both the car and the camper:

  • 40L Engel fridge in the car
  • 80L Autofridge in the camper
  • Lighting in the camper
  • Diesel Heater and Water Heater in the camper
  • Water pump
  • Inverter in the camper

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