Packing and getting ready

We will set off in June and head straight to Darwin. We’ve been through the middle a few times now and know from experience how freezing it is. After a week in Darwin, we will head down to Katherine and make our journey along the Gibb River Road to see all that the Kimberley offers.
We drive a Holden Colorado which has taken us on many 4wd holidays now and hasn’t let us down yet. Our choice of accommodation has been our very comfortable Kimberley Kamper which we tow with no problems. As everyone knows we have to be conscious of how much weight we carry. Therefore, we have to scrutinise everything that gets packed. This is always my predicament, as I love to take everything from home. I certainly love my homely comforts, whether it be at home or in the camper. Whereas Chris is happy to rough it!
I’ve been doing loads of research on recipes for our adventure. As I love to cook, I’ve planned quite a few delicious meals which I can cook on the fire in the camp oven. For ease, I am preparing little packets with all the herbs and spices required for these meals. Sometimes after a long day driving or hiking, you just want dinner preparation to be a little easier.
Car goes in soon for a safety check and service. Don’t want any problems with it. Work has been completed on the camper so hopefully we won’t have any reoccurring problems this time.
There certainly is a lot of preparation when travelling in remote areas. I’ve researched all the places where we can get fuel, water and camping spots. I also found the pages to check on for road closures (this time we’ve handed on our rain god baton)so there really shouldn’t be any need to check on road closures! Right!

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